We have many options to choose from:

Just run a tab that your guests are on.  We supply wristbands to you so the bartenders know who's on the tab. We'll let you know when you're getting close to the end of the tab so you can choose to extend it, or close it.


The rate to close the bar for a private party is $100 per hour on weekdays, and $200 per hour on weekends

Open bar at a set price with option levels of price per hour. (Minimum of two hours)

This only applies to private parties.


Tap beer, select can beer, wine by the glass, and well cocktails is $12 per person per hour.


All the above plus call brand liquor, champagne, and select bottle beer is $15 per person per hour.


All the above including top shelf liquor, and all bottle/can beers is $22 per person per hour


Please email us with any questions.



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Yes, Membership is open.  NO, you don't have to be a member to enjoy the Country Club. Just stop by and ask to be a member. It's free!   It started as a joke that got way out of control.  Now we have membership cards.

Ask about the perks of being a member!

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